Starting from a blank page, vying for international business [digital] transformation or looking to develop an intrapreneurial sustainable growth culture?

Mandalay has the tools, the ecosystem and knowhow to lead processes, set operating mechanisms, coach, connect, fund and insert valuable international sustainable growth capability into an organisation.

Mandalay co-creates on a contingency basis and/or as full growth & co-investment partner.


Representing a technological solution, a customer key topic or objective, Mandalay helps develop and deliver the strategy, GTM and road-map for successful sustainable growth. In this, Mandalay leverages the full value of its network and expertise.

Mandalay brings particular expertise in growth & transformation processes, stakeholder & partnerships management as well as lobbying.


Primary need for effective contemporary growth leadership is reliable data.

Fake news, deep fakes, synthetic and generic data are all making it harder to make impactful decisions.

Mandalay has the instruments and web to bring relevant decision-making economic intelligence, represent complex issues and support timely operational pivot.