Attending fairs serves to meet customers and generate business opportunities.

But how can we win when customers shine by their absence?

I recently attended a very high energy fair - kudos to its organisers.

Highlighted at this event :

- Best and f…

clean propulsion on a water taxi (hydrogen/methanol/full electric) is here!

we must accelerate European infrastructure investment and this will be possible if nothing slows down or stands in the way of progress.

legislation is being delivered…

please join us at booth 1132
privileged to at ShoreLink booth.
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Andriana Chupova Levan Chikviladze
EOPSA - European Onshore Power Supply Association

Amazing City of Rotterdam Port of Rotterdam

there is no doubt, we must speed up OPS implementation!

join us in EOPSA - European Onshore Power Supply Association Cherbourg to learn more!
#onshore #power

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